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Simply want to say, Hello to all in and around cwrtnewydd

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:02pm
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Location: Cwrt-newydd

Having left the village during 1966, { yes Half a Century ago ] I realise more than ever, that large portion of my heart stayed behind,

Over the years I have regularly returned to Cwrtnewydd where familiar faces have greeted me with warm greetings,

Much joy I receive when i visit my Uncle Wyn, 

Unfortunately as the years pass, less familiar faces are evident, Nevertheless the landscape has not changed, River Cledlyn meanders through the village, where I used to play as a child, 

Siop cornel .Cambrian,  Post Office, Tafarn, Y Felin, Garage South, Gruff y Go, Yr Hen Ysgol, Rownd llath Brynllefryth, only fond memories now,  Oh what memories, 

Hot summers day there was always constant clear water available from Ffynnon spring, { Trickle only in 1957 }

Some of the residents I recall with crystal clear recollections

Mr and Mrs Lewis who provided us children with an introduction to what life had to offer, 

Nathaniel with tales that would burst my ears,

Rhys y Felin on summers evening watching the world go by as he perched his leg onto the hedge and smoking his pipe,

Les from the Post office washing his lorry in the river,

Gruff y gof making shovels with his modern screw press,

Nellie Post telling me off for spending too much time loitering in the kiosk,

Jack Frondes teaching us how to drive a car,

Will Gwylfa  cutting roadside hedges with red flag warning traffic of his existence,

Oh what joyous times, I was extremely lucky and privelaged to be given such surroundings,

Hours spent on summer evenings exploring Cware Alltgoch.  Oh Yes, I did live amongst the dust from the Quarry at Cofadael {1948 - 1953 }, then moved into the heart of the village,  Used to be called Bollahaul,  I wonder anyone remember me yet,

I have covered many a mile since 1966,  Nowhere I have lived has competed with Cwrtnewydd,

My Heart strings have pulled me back to my roots all these years and I long for many more visits and hopefully familiar faces will appear where hopefully fond memories will prevail.

Mind you, I was quite mischievous at times,   Well once or twice,

Cofion cynnes

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