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Please can anyone help URGENT

Posted: Sat Mar 6, 2021 11:18pm
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Sorry this is a bit long but I want to give the details and background. 

I wonder if there's anyone on here that could assist, I have a friend of mine who is approaching 60 in just a few weeks and has been through more stress and trauma in her life than anyone I can think of.

 In the last year and a half alone she spent 2 months in hospital with pleurisy which turned to pneumonia, she came home then to find that the council workmen had managed to break her roof aerial during some general roof maintenance, unfortunately the council refused to take any responsibilities for the damage, so she has been shielding since January last year on her own without even being able to watch TV, added to this in desperation she trusted someone she chatted to online who said they would be able to fix her aerial, when they arrived she gave them the tools they asked for then while she was making them a hot drink,they sneaked in from the garden and stole 3 large toolboxes which were attached to a tall strong sack barrow, assuming that they were filled with tools, in actual fact they were full of 20 + years of her collection of arts and craft materials  and tools including a second hand smart sewing machine that could do motifs automatically from online and a second hand cricut machine that could cut designs into pastry and icing as well as paper etc,through years of scrimping and saving,as if that wasn't enough 5 weeks ago she lost the only member of family she had left that cared about her to this awful covid, she is now trying to battle with his Council to be able to go into his flat to retrieve belongings that she has there as well as sentimental things of his. 

A couple of weeks ago she was offered some really nice carpet something she doesn't have in her house due to lack of finances, she asked someone she had done babysitting for free to help them while they were struggling financially for 2 years until she ended up in hospital, if they could possibly go and collect it for her at first he said yes so she told the person with the carpet so she had someone to collect, only for the person to then I demand a ridiculous amount of money from her to go and collect it, girl unfortunately I'm too far away from her plus I don't have suitable transport but I would hate to see her lose this carpet, hence my coming on this site to ask or even beg if there's any kind driver on here that could collect the carpet?. 

The carpet's in Epping and drop it off in Basildon the sooner the better preferably in the next week please. I'm sorry this is a bit long and drawn out but I just wanted to explain the background of what this poor woman has been through, well at least 1% of it because believe me she has also been through a lot worse and definitely deserves to have something good happen to her for once or even twice, I am also trying to get one of those fundraising pages set up to raise enough money to try and get some of the art and craft stuff that she had stolen and maybe fix her aerial.

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