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Fellow dog owners / walkers

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 5:09pm
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I have used paddington rec Park for the past 23 years. ( prior to having children I used it mainly to walk and socialise my dogs) I now use it for exercise and to take my kids to. Over the years I have witnessed and experienced some unpleasant "dog people" today I saw some terrible behaviour that effects all "responsible" dog owners. A child was jumped on several times by a over excited labrador pup  ( who was quite big already) who was trying to get food out of this child's hand ( which it eventually did manage to do ) the man with this child tried to push the dog away several times but the dog which the owner  clearly did not have control over ignored his attempts. Whilst being a dog owner myself I felt that it was not aggressive it was still very clearly not acceptable ( no person should have to fight off a over excited dog trying to grab something from you much less a child who is vulnerable due to height and size!) the father was anger with the owner( understandably) and souted at the owner that their dog should be under control. The quite amazing thing was the reaction of two fellow dog walkers with their own dogs who proceeded to circle this father and abuse him verbally and grab him from behind  whilst swearing and saying disgusting things  to him which are too offensive to re post here. ( the dog people pack mentality) I've both witnessed and experienced several times over the years, but it seems to be getting worse, much worse.                   I love my dog like a member of the family (which he is) But it is always MY responsibility and MY problem if my dog is not adequately trained and behaves in a frightening or unacceptable manner Especially in a family park!  No matter how big or small your dog is it is NOT OK for it to run at people and jump uncontrollably at people  and try to grab items from them or other pets. It is not OK for it to scare people because YOU the owner have not taken enough steps to make sure that your dog is a "good citizen" ALL breeds need to have basic commands down Before you let them off lead or even a long lead. ( basic recall should be number one ) if your dog does something like this to a child then what do you expect a parent to behave like honestly!?  The reason this effects us All as dog owners is the fact that it's our dogs that will pay the price ( just look at breed specific legislation in place now) emotions run high in such situations but we need to try to remain calm for are dogs sake. People won't be asked to keep their children on leads will they but our dogs may have to be if incidents like this continue or even kept to being  walked in dog runs only or even barred from some parks completely. YOU are responsible for your dog no matter what. Train it, clean up after it and realise that in some cases some people just don't like dogs near them. We still have to utilise the some space whether we like it or not so why make it unpleasant and stressful? Having a dog ( or any animal if dogs aren't your "thing" is great. It really is. so a nice walk in the park shouldn't turn into a shouting match with either other dog walkers or non dog people. Sorry for the long post but I really feel this needs to be discussed more. Thanks for reading. 😊

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