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Latest posts in Walton-on-the-Naze

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Searching pokomon on grandsons mobile to collect - 0 replies

Harry138 Posted by Harry138 in Pokemon Go in Walton-on-the-Naze: hints and tips on Fri Jun 2, 2023 2:09pm

My grandson loves collecting pokomon on his phone for his games we’re going to Walton frinton tomorrow collecting pokomon on way can you tell me hotspots please

Lost: mobile phone - 0 replies

mdbadr Posted by mdbadr in Lost and found in Walton-on-the-Naze on Mon Aug 10, 2020 1:14am

HI there 

Gutted to have lost my phone at Walton on sea at the beach whilst paddling when the tides were relative low yesterday (sunday 9th August 2020 at around 7pm. My phone was a black Samsung galaxy s9. tried looking for it for over an hour with my family with no luck. 

Im not too fussed about the phone tbh, but my memory card had 60 gb worth of photos, half which not backed up. :-(  that's the saddest part.

BUT, I have great faith in the great people of Walton on Naze, and who knows? maybe a good Samaritan will find my phone and be on a mission to find its owner. Sounds like a great adventure. I know I would have done the same.

On the bright side, I did have an amazing day there at the beach yester day my family and relatives and even bumped into a gentleman who had his kids helping me look for the phone. He even suggested a search with a metal detector just incase the phone was buried in the sand which I feel is the case.



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