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Superstitious theory about what ( or who) caused Covid?

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 8:12pm
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Hi, I've wanted to talk about something that happened in December 2019, shortly before the covid pandemic happened.

Back in December 2019, I went on vacation to Poland from 16th of December until the 25th of December, alone without my family.

I was due to come home on the 23rd of December but whilst in Poland, I ran out of money! So my dad transfered some money into my bank account on the 23rd of December but it took until the 24th of December after midnight to recieve the money in my bank account

So I had to stay in Poland until the 25th of December. I left & travelled home by car ( I travelled from France to Poland & Poland to France by car) in the early hours of the monring of the 25th of December. I reached home in the late afternoon of the 25th of December.

So instead of spending Xmas Eve & Xmas Day with my family around a Xmas tree, I was driving home from Poland to France ( where we live) in the early morning hours of Xmas Day

Anyway, I spent the second half of Xmas day with my family as well as Boxing day. I got a job in January 2020 & worked until March 2020 ( my contract ended due to the covid pandemic)

I remember listening to Satanic/demonic music on repeat everyday between December 2019 & March 2020. Well it's not really "satanic" music but the groups is called "666" ( it's the number of the devil. Some of you may heard of this German techno band).

Anyway I think it's considered satanic music with songs like " D.E.V.I.L", "Diablo" or "I'm your nightmare". How can it not be satanic? Even if it isn't, I think it does bring bad luck. Especially if you listen to this type of music on repeat 24/7!

So this was about the time the covid pandemic started. I'm not a superstitious guy but it is a bit of a coincidence that the covid pandemic started because I wasn't with my family on Xmas Eve & Xmas Day ( which is the most important day as it's the day of the birth of Jesus Christ!)

And the pandemic come to France in March 2020 after I had been listening to 666 on repeat 24/7!

Also some of the symptoms of covid are symptoms I've been having for many years! For example loss of taste & smell. I've had this symptom ( due to nasal polyps in my nose) for several years so it's a bit of a coincidence that this symptom is a main symptom of covid.

Even the nasal sprays I use to treat this problem ( loss of taste & small) are sold out since the pandemic started wheras before the pandemic is was never out of stock.

I don't know what is says in the Bible or if you're superstitious, but you gotta admit the timing to which the pandemic started is a bit of a coincidence

I'm not saying I caused covid & I'm to blame because the virus emerged from a lab in Wuhan in late December 2019 but I think our actions can have consequences!

It's like people who mess around with the paranormal and use Ouija boards when they know they shouldn't. Or people who worship the Devil. All that can cause bad things to happen, don't you agree?

I have a feeling that if I didn't go on vacation to Poland ( especially during Xmas Eve & Xmas Day) & if I didn't listen to demonic music, this pandemic would not have happened

I know you gonna say it's superstitious nonsense but I had to get it off my chest. I'm happy I shared this with you. What are your thoughts? Do you believe in superstitions?

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