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Latest posts in the whole of United Kingdom

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looking for a good GP preferably with a gastro interest - 0 replies

Ana269 Posted by Ana269 in Healthcare and medical advice in Tottenham Hale on Thu Aug 5, 2021 7:21pm

Hi I have been having a gastro problem for several months. I am looking for a good GP with preferably a gastro interest. Do you know anyone? 

Thank you 


My H got a PCN turning left off Turney Road( heading towards Village) into Burbage Road recently.  The Advanced Warning sign has been obscured by a tree just before the junction with Burbage Road but today we attended and the tree has been pruned. Anyone know when that tree was pruned? I have found photos on Pepipoo of that tree pre-pruning and asked when that photo was taken. I couldn't see that other trees had been pruned. There is also the added fact that the sign stating timing of any restriction at the junction is turned away so that it can only be seen once you are committed to turn. Any info about the tree pruning would assist.  Thanks in advance

Garden Handyman Needed - 0 replies

Akanksha Posted by Akanksha in Gardening, plants, insects and pests in Cippenham on Thu Aug 5, 2021 5:02pm


i am looking for a reasonable Handyman to prune a rose and apricot tree.

Please can anyone recommend a reliable Handyman?



Mail delivery - 0 replies

Lachie883 Posted by Lachie883 in General Drumnadrochit discussion on Thu Aug 5, 2021 3:20pm

I am missing 7 complete weeks mail what is going on, complained to P.O

considering escalating to Police as vast amount of important mail missing.

I understand nobody wants the job as workload is REDICULOUS 

Lost: I had my handbag stolen from my car parked at Stockbridge Down yesterday at 4.45pm - 0 replies

Vickyvictoria Posted by Vickyvictoria in Lost and found in Winchester on Thu Aug 5, 2021 11:48am


This is just a hopeful request that someone may have come across my discarded handbag in the area, as the thieves smashed the back passenger window of my car and stole my handbag at 4.45pm yesterday (Wednesday 4th August)  from the Stockbridge Down National Trust Car Park. Stupid of me to leave it in the car but we literally stopped for a few minutes to let the dogs out for a comfort break and we were only away from the vehicle for between 5-10 minutes. The thieves tried to use my credit cards to get cash from One Stop Stanmore but were unsuccessful fortunately. However apart from the inconvenience and cost of replacing things like my driving licence, it is the contents of my handbag that will cost me the most to replace, especially my prescription glasses.

It is a Tula straw bag with rope handles. It is striped with pale pink, green and maybe other colours (I never really looked at it to be honest), and I would be so grateful if someone has come across it. The purse is large, has two zips and is pink and orange with many, many cards, mainly things like Boots card, Costa card, Argos card etc etc. So many I can’t think what they are and it won’t be until I go to use them that I will remember what they are.

I will be so grateful if either of these items are found.

door and frame - 0 replies

Melon12 Posted by Melon12 in Recommended Tradesmen and Companies in Wellesbourne on Wed Aug 4, 2021 8:36pm

Hi I need a new door and frame fitted, Or the old one revamped. Could you give me a quote Please

Job vacancy: Regular local cleaner - 0 replies

KatieS11 Posted by KatieS11 in Job search in East Dulwich on Wed Aug 4, 2021 4:35pm

Hi! Myself and my house are new to the area and looking for a regular local cleaner - can anyone recommend anyone? We'd much prefer to employ locally than use an online service. Thanks! 

Harrassment - 0 replies

Rob1974 Posted by Rob1974 in Neighbourhood Watch in Trawden on Wed Aug 4, 2021 4:35pm

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had issues with Cllr Emma Jane MacDonald. She is a member of the Trawden Parish council.

I am aware she is currently targeting a local from Trawden who has just been prescribed anti depressants because of Cllr MacDonalds repeated negative behaviour towards her. This has been happening for some months.

I am aware that complaints etc have been made against Cllr MacDonald but seem to fall on deaf ears.

Anyone who knows a good point of contact to help deal with issues like this please leave a reply.


Lost: Red and Grey shoulder bag with bike charger and electric jig saw. Water proof trousers and black bum bag also house keys between gy&tetney - 0 replies

Paul66 Posted by Paul66 in Lost and found in Tetney on Wed Aug 4, 2021 3:57pm

I lost a red and Grey shoulder bag with bike charger and electric jig saw water proof trousers and black bum bag also house keys between Grimsby and tetney 



I’m looking for someone to assemble 2 bunk beds ASAP - 0 replies

Rjevans1 Posted by Rjevans1 in Recommended Tradesmen and Companies in Sheffield on Wed Aug 4, 2021 3:07pm

I’m looking for a handyman to assemble 2 sets of bunk beds at s2 next Wednesday if possible. 

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