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Coronavirus: information and help in United Kingdom

We have created the following topics and help forums for all of your questions, help and updates. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for the website to help during this situation.

Click on the following links to see more:

Coronavirus discussion forum

Discuss all the latest news and updates regarding Coronavirus in your area:

Coronavirus help and support for vulnerable neighbours forum

We have created a special forum for vulnerable residents to request help during lockdowns and for others to offer their help:

Your safety and security

Please be aware that during this situation there may be unscrupulous people who aim to take advantage of you in a time of need. Please watch out for:

  • Emails forwarded to you from friends/family/strangers with scam links related to Coronavirus. Try to not click links you do not recognise.
  • People coming to your door pretending to be the authorities. Try not to open your door to people you do not know.

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